We are a team of fashion supply chain experts, environmental specialists and tech wizards.

Our vision

Enable brands to measure the impact of all their products at all times, in a transparent, trustworthy and easy manner.

Environmental indicators must become the common language of the product, sourcing and marketing departments.

We developed different solutions that allow brands & suppliersto measure and accelerate reduction of their impact on people and the planet.

We come from the industry, we worked for fashion brands and their production partners.

We know that no one has time and is under constant stress.

That is why our solutions are seamless and intuitive, in other words they do the work for you.

If you share our vision or would like to learn more -

Contact us!

How do we do it?

The Made2flow solutions are based on our proprietary machine learning based technology


AI-Platform, Matching Algorithms and workflow control have been supported by the Land of Brandenburg / ILB within the Program BIG FuE: "Development of an AI-based control of the workflow engine"


Automated Traceability

Automated Data Gathering

Automated Data Validation

Automated Data Completion

Automated Impact Calculation

Impact measurement


Number of supply chains measured


Primary data collected


Number of countries


Made2flow enables a more transparent fashion supply chain and highlights previously unknown production partners across tiers 1-3

tier 2

disclosed facilities

tier 3

disclosed facilities

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